Two ex-players in CS: GO and the former team of Daughtery found Valorant

ESports organization Andbox of New York has announced the first three members of staff Valorant. They are ex-players began to CS: GO, played together for Complexity Gaming (yay Jacob Vayteker and Brad ANDROID Fodor), as well as a former player in Dota 2 Gordan g0g1 Proshich. The club also announced the team coach. They became another former player in Counter-Strike – 35-year-old Matt Warden Dikens. In the first half of the 2000s, he has won many major events as part of Complexity. Earlier Andbox has sponsored for Valorant competition for teams from North America. The organization also conducted Amateur Championships. Composition of Andbox Valorant: Jacob yay Vayteker; Brad ANDROID Fodor; Gordan g0g1 Proshich; TBA; TBA; Matt Warden Dikens (coach).